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Sinews of Peace- Churchill’s Fight for Human Rights


The Presentation revisits Winston Churchill’s efforts on behalf of European unity considering his views on human rights, politics, and international law. It traces the undercurrents that germinated towards the origins of his Europeanism across the first decades of the twentieth century. Churchill’s understanding of Europe as a Christian ethical community of peoples was derivative of his prior Atlanticism, imperialism, and romantic sensibility. Surrounding events of devastation shape his vision of Europeanism. This catalyzes his support for the adoption of a European human rights movement. Particular attention is devoted to Churchill’s involvement in the Congress of Europe at The Hague in May 1948 and thereafter the following measures. The crux of the Paper and Presentation is to shed light on the diplomacy and ensuing legal jurisprudence on human rights in the aftermath of the 2nd World War. The orchestrator pioneering human rights activism and social collectivism is Sir Winston Churchill. Hence the title, Churchill’s Fight for Human Rights.

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